Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We've got trusses now and a roof! We were a couple of sheets of plywood short on the roof but my brother, being the cool guy he is, will pick those up in the morning and get the rest of the trim as well. Hopefully by Thursday, we will have shingles on the roof! It doesn't take much to make me happy, does it?

Here's the boom truck unloading the trusses. 26' wide with a 1' overhang, 12 pitch and a 60ppsf snow load.

The boom truck operator lowering them in front of the office.
Here's how the office looks this evening. I hate it that it is pitch dark at 6pm. That sucks.
Here's the inside.
Let me see if I can think of anything else that is going on around here.....some RBOC (random bullets of crap) to update:
  • I only have 2 more days of working at the school left.
  • We leave on Friday for Nashville.... it's a working vacation.... I'll be sure to blog all about that fun!
  • Gary is hunting in NH tomorrow and decided tonight that he needs a hunting license. Um..... ya think? Many irate calls later... he finally finds that Dick's Sporting Goods has them.
  • If you haven't tried a Vanillatini yet.... what are you waiting for?!? 2oz of Stohli's Vanil and 2oz of Bailey's Irish Creme. Pour over ice in a shaker, add some nutmeg and pour into a martini glass. Sip or gulp and enjoy!!

Here's an owl that Hannah spotted across the road yesterday. I had to zoom in on it and I'm sorry it's not a better picture.


lime said...

ok, i think we now need to use 'a couple sheets of plywood shy of a roof' as a new expression. don't you?

and AWESOME eye hannah has for spotting that owl. how exciting!

melodyann said...

HEE, I'm with lime... I LOVE that new expression!

And sheri, please, invite me over for some vanillatinis...