Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Walls Are Up

I know I'm probably boring the Internet to tears but I'm enjoying documenting the building of our new office. Today there was great strides made! When I left for the school this morning, Shawn and Jason had arrived and were setting up. It was about 27 degrees outside and I was glad I was working in a nice, toasty warm kitchen. When I came home from work a few hours later, the walls were up!
I know Gary wants to help as much as he can but sometimes it's just better if he hangs back and gets things as Shawn and Jason need them. I know what this feels like as when I help Gary.... I become Gopher Girl.I had no idea that Lowe's house wrap was so stylish! Finally this evening, we get to look out our new windows!Tomorrow (weather permitting), the roof is going to start coming off in preparation for the new truss system going on early next week.


Melody said...

I didn't know you were building a NEW office....NOBODY tells me anything!!! lol

lime said...

looks like it is coming along nicely

Beth said...

Ooo, I like these photos, Sheri. Not boring at all. I find the process fascinating.