Monday, November 05, 2007

1st Row of Blocks

Today my brother, Shawn and his building partner, Jason arrived to start the office. Gary picked up all the materials except for the trusses. Those will be coming in a few days.

Here is the first row of block. I call it the first row but in reality, it is the only row there is going to be.

Here's the block from another view.... looking into the back yard. That's my baby brother, Shawn, on the right. He's a carpenter. My family is full of the trades and it comes in very handy sometimes.

I'll have to tell you about the time Shawn fell off a 3 story building's roof in New Hampshire in the middle of winter. He landed on a pile of debris and frozen ice... from 3 stories. First to go were his knees... which blew apart, then his femur bones in both thighs broke multiple times and then followed a shattered wrist and finally his face smashed. He looked pretty fucked up and was. He had pins and screws and operations and an infant baby at home. He recovered but still has problems with his knees and probably always will. Here's that coil of nails I was telling you about in the last post. They are used in a nail gun. Gary loves those things. and they sure make a job easier then swinging a hammer.
Here is the wood, shingles and other stuff for our office. This caused money hemorrhaging.
This is what they work for at the end of the day.

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lime said...

egads but that sounds like a hellacious injury!!!! glad he recovered well enough to still be able to work! that seems amazing all by itslef.