Sunday, November 18, 2007


We made it to Nashville in about 18 hours but we did break it up into a 2-day trip. We spent one night in Hagerstown, MD at a great Springhill Suites hotel. It was a little pricey but well worth it! Hannah was absolutely fabulous on the entire trip down here... shes didn't state her boredom of being in the truck until Knoxville.

Gary went fishing today with Dick so Jean took Hannah and I to the The Nashville Zoo. What a wonderful zoo. It was so clean and the zoo employees were very friendly and helpful. Here's a few pictures from today.

The bamboo was fabulous. There was an entire forest of it.

Right after I post this, Gary is going to drive me over to the drugstore because we all know that I can't go anywhere without getting my period. I know my sister Sue understands this because it's a family curse. I could plan a vacation 3 years in advance and it always happens.

More tomorrow!


lime said...

very groovy bamboo forest. aggravation about the family curse...

lakefairy2 said...

I leave for FL on the 5th and I am supposed to get my "friend" on the 9th. Some friend. We really should make up a funny name for this curse.