Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Still Nashville

Having a good time so far. We put the security system in without too many arguments between Gary and I. I played my usual role of Gopher Girl.... going up and down the stairs for this and that. Today we took a drive around to see some of the town's sights. We haven't gone into the city yet... tonight we will because we are going to see Ice!. I hope it's not too crowded.

Yesterday, we rode over to Murfreesboro to drop the boat off at the Stratos plant. The security guard gave Gary a receipt and we were on our way. At a traffic light... we noticed all these blackbirds perched on the wires. They were on both sides of the road for hundreds of feet. I really wish they would've taken flight. That would be a sight to see!
My friend, Jean has this on her patio area which is outside the back door.
I probably have this out the back door at my house: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The foliage is still very pretty down here. Actually, the maples look like they are just going past peak now. This part of the country is absolutely gorgeous. Rolling hills, beautiful huge homes made of brick and most everyone has a horse grazing in their fenced in giant front yard. There is so much construction going on here. On every street we've been on, there are huge developments going in with homes starting in the $300,000's.
Here's just the neatest house I've seen so far. It sat perched on a hill and by the time I could get my camera ready we were almost passed it. A castle house! How fun!
Shortly after I took these pictures, we were sitting at a red light and got rearended by a minivan driven by a man who was so awestruck by our Maine license plate that he couldn't take his eyes off it. We are in a Dodge Ram 2500 which weighs about 10,000lbs and have a hitch sticking out the back of the truck. Needless to say, we are now the proud owners of part of a Chrylser Town & Country minivan's front grill. He hit us hard enough to lurch our big truck forward and for me to scream at Gary "What the hell are you doing?!" I thought he had dropped the transmission onto the road. No one was harmed and our trailer hitch is nice and shiny now.

Tomorrow we are piling into the truck and heading for Evasnville, IN (about 3 hours away) to visit Gary's family for the day. We'll be back here to spend Thanksgiving with Dick and Jean and then will head back to Maine on Friday. We plan to be home no later than Sunday monring.

I forgot to post this picture for Regina the other day. It was of a friend of hers from the zoo:

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Cindy said...

We were just in Evansville, IN in October. visited a friend out there. It's very flat.

We went to the Evansville Zoo, and to CVS. Not much else to do out there. :)