Monday, October 15, 2007

Sleep Apnea

Gary snored.

For 24 years I've listened to him gasp, groan and sputter. I've learned to live with it and over the years, learned to laugh about it.

His fishing partners have called me a saint for putting up with his snoring. They've tried earplugs, mass quantities of alcohol and other means to try and avoid Gary's snoring. A little frenchman who went on a hunting trip one time said with disbelief..." I've nevva seen anyting like it... he snore on de exhale and de inhale!"

It wasn't funny anymore. As I lay at night listening to him.... his breathing would stop or get very shallow.... almost non existent. Then he'd gasp and start breathing again.

His doctor wanted to do a sleep study a long time ago but we kept denying it because of money. We couldn't deny it any longer.... I think Gary's life depended upon it. I am scared for him.

He failed the sleep study miserably..... diagnosis.... severe obstructive sleep apnea. His O2 saturation dropped into the 70's in his sleep and he had over 28 apnea events in a few hours.

Last week a home medical technician came and fitted him with his mask and BiPap machine.
What a difference. The first night... I woke in a panic to silence. I thought he had died.... but he was sleeping peacefully.... the machine making a very faint inhale and exhale noise.

Tonight makes the 6th night with the machine and I think its already making a difference. Gary is not falling asleep at 3pm at his desk. He is awake after supper and watching TV on the couch. It's totally freaking me out. It's almost as if he is a different person.


Melody said...

WOW...enjoy your nights of peaceful silence!

Ariel said...

I'm so happy to read this! It's late, hope you're both resting peacefully :)

MsGini said...

I can imagine waking and NOT hearing him! LOL, one thought here... this is great for the two of you and overall for him, but if it's a machine how will this affect this fishing buddies? Got lots of batteries?!

Isn't it wonderful what the miracles of modern medicine can do?!!!

ccw said...

My ex-husband was a big snorer and I always woke up every time I heard his breath stop. I would nudge him and he went right back to breathing/snoring. Had I liked him more I probably would have been scared. :)

I am so glad that Gary is sleeping better and feeling better.

lime said...

well, it's great news that he is alrady noticiing improvement. glad to hear it! and i am sure as the case may are glad NO tto hear it.

Heather said...

My BIL had the same thing, except he couldn't take the machine and had some kind of surgery - that didn't work. I'm glad Gary is doing well and you BOTH are getting sleep!

Sharpie said...

WOW - that is scary!! DH snores to beat the band - no apnea though! I would totally panic if I didn't hear him!!

ShielaLee said...

I'm glad you guys got him in and glad you're already noticing improvements! Enjoy your "new" husband! :)