Monday, October 22, 2007


Gary is still doing well with his CPAP machine. Sleeping 6-7 hours at a stretch... and feeling better each day.

I had a complete and utter breakdown the other morning. We had an issue here at work that I needed to take care of before I could leave the office and go to my other job at the school. As I sat here frantically trying to fix the problem , the clock went into hyper mode... minutes slipping away faster ....and suddenly it was crunch time. I needed to be in my car on my way to the school or I'd be late. So, in that respect, I did what other totally normal people do.... I freaked the fuck out. I started bawling.... snot and everything. I called the school and no one would answer the phone in the kitchen. I called my manger on her cellphone and she answered. Between my incoherent blubbering she was able to discern that I wasn't going to work that day. I felt like a such a loser for doing that to them at the last minute. It took a couple hours for me to get the issues straightened out and in the afternoon I called my manager to tell her that today I would be handing in my notice today due to my lack of being able to be relied upon to show up at work and that it was a conflict with my other job. She was very understanding. She told me that she knew, when she hired me, that working for Gary was my primary job and something like this might happen. She assured me that it was okay. They handled everything alright and she did not want me to give my notice. With her encouragement and understanding I agreed to give it another shot.

On a happier note..... Hannah and I start violin lessons tomorrow afternoon! The school is offering lessons for 10 weeks through a donation made to the school. They required at least 8 student sot make a class and I asked if I could take the lessons with Hannah. We are looking forward to it! Gary has stocked up on earplugs.

I finally have the pool completed for winter. All the hoses and pump are put away, leaves scooped out, water drained and the pool covered.

Winter is coming.


lime said...

awww, you poor thing. i'm gladf at least you have understanding bosses.

have fun with the violin lessons!

Heather said...

That stinks - I hope you are doing better today. I'm glad the school was so understanding!

And I wish it was winter down here...89 degrees and humid right now!

ccw said...

I hope things are going better now. I'm sorry you had to quit your job but it sounds like your boss was very understanding and supportive. I hope that made things easier for you.

Have fun with the violin!