Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have a group of online friends that I've been a part of for years. I met most of them when I was struggling with the loss of our first child back in 1995. This group of women have been my lifeline at times as I have come to grips with many things over the years. Together, we have experienced just about anything your mind can dredge up. One of my friends has a son who is fighting cancer right now. Her little man has the spirit of a warrior and he is an amazing little boy. Click here to visit Zack's CaringBridge site.

A friend from that group shared this video made by parents of children with cancer, garnering support for Cure Search and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. It's heart wretching and so important.


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i don't think i realized you had lsot a child. (hugs) my prayers are with your friend's boy. thanks for the vid too.