Friday, September 07, 2007


School has started.

This first week was.... well... let's just say.... an adventure. We started on Tuesday with the Freshman only, Wednesday brought the delight of all students and finally .... six gallons of ketchup later, it was finally Friday.

After a nice weekend at camp, I went to work this week, determined to get into a routine that I can work with for the remainder of the year. I think I've done it. Work like a freak for 3.5 hours, sweat profusely, and then go home.

This year there are 2 lunch lines and only one cashier. Nice. I feel like I'm in one of these everyday:

I feel bad for the maintenance personnel who have to deal with this after that stampede goes through:

I wonder what their mother's kitchens look like after they eat at home?

Edited to add: The tables don't look like this after they go through but the floor definitely does. blech


ccw said...

Good lord! How could anyone make such a mess and not notice or care?

Is it terrible to think they need someone to get on their spoiled asses?

lime said...

goog grief!! that's really how it looks after they go through? that's outrageous!

Mike Todd said...

Dude, are they allowed to eat with their hands, or are they attempting to do it with their toes?

Beth said...

Yikes! Where are the aides to get these kids in line?

Haven't seen you in a bit, so was just stopping by to check in and say hello.

melodyann said...

Hey! That looks like MY kitchen!!