Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BackPack to School

I keep starting posts and then saving them as drafts because they're too stupid... too boring.... too mundane. I can not, for the life of me, think of something to write about. I feel as if the top of my favorite ice cream cone just hit the pavement. Sad but not so sad. You know? Ho Hum.
I think it has to do with summer winding down and knowing that in a few days I have to go back to work. I like my job and I'm sure once I'm back seeing the kids every day, filling those ketchup containers, restocking plastic silverware and doing many other highly technical procedures..... I'll be fine.
Hannah has her few school supplies that she needs to start the year. We received a letter from her teacher a few weeks ago specifically requesting that we don't go over board on the supplies to start school because they are not necessary. He asked for a couple cheap pocket folders, a few pencils, a composition book, a 1" binder and a set of basic color markers. A couple of years ago, we spent the extra money and bought her an LL Bean Critter Pack because it felt like we were buying new backpacks all the time due to zippers breaking, holes appearing and whatnot. This backpack still looks as good as the day we bought it. Every zipper is perfect, there are no holes and this backpack has been dragged down the driveway, thrown in the corner, stomped on, sat on, machine washed, tumble dried and runover with a bike.


lime said...

now that is some kind of indestructible backpack!!!

Julie said...

LLBean Rocks! I started my babe with LLBean and never had a problem. Now that she's in HS she's too cool for LLBean and goes to PacSun/American Eagle and gets your basic tote bag.
I think it's great that Hannah's teacher requested little supplies. For the start of my daughters Sophomore year we went a couple of weeks ago and got "the basic necessities". Five 1" binders, filler paper for all, Five packages of subject dividers, four composition notebooks, Blue Pens, Black Pens, Mechanical Pencils (because she's too cool for your regular old yellow #2's), Post It Tabs to mark her books, Fabric Book covers (which I know she will hate and trade them for cut up bags from her favorite clothing stores), and in the end the total was over $100. AND THAT'S JUST THE BASIC STUFF SHE NEEDED! Nothing Extra! Makes me wonder what my tax dollar actually pays for.
Enjoy your year once you get back to work. I am no longer coaching and will miss being with the kids...but I have a new job....BABYSITTING. A five yr old and a 2 month old. AM I LOSING MY MIND?

ccw said...

I love, love, love LL Bean backpacks. Kid L's first one went 1st - 4th grades. The only reason it was replaced was because she no longer wanted a fuschia backpack.

I have washed it and it is ready for NSBH to use.

Heather said...

I should really get the kids LL Bean or Lands End (heard they are great too) back packs.

And I wish my kids had that list of supplies - I spent a ton on supplies this year and the lists get longer every year!

melodyann said...

My kids used to LOVE the LL Bean backpacks. They were totally totally COOL. Now Renie has some weird looking bag from Abercrombie which was TOTALLY overpriced, and Hopie is too cool to carry anything. But you know what? They still have those LL Bean backpacks, and use them whenever they have a sleepover, or whenever we go to the beach. Those things NEVER wear out!!!

Melody said...

Gotta LOVE LL Bean. My kids have back packs from there too, they are at least 9 years old and are still as good as new!