Sunday, August 19, 2007

Turkey Day

I thought since I post about camp so much that I'd include a few pictures of my home away from home and show you what a fun day we had. Here's our camper, Gary's truck and our picnic table covered with a canopy. There's icicle lights around the canopy and colored lights strung through the trees. It's totally tacky and we love it. The site is a little bigger than the picture shows. Off to the left is our fire ring, wood pile and my parking spot.

Last weekend, Regina and Rodney said they wanted to cook a trashcan turkey so we decided upon yesterday and what glorious day it was! Regina pulled out her extra table so we'd have a place for all the food. She invited Jana and Laurie, a couple of friends from a few sites away.

Rodney put the stake into the ground, added the turkey and surrounded it with charcoal and let the cooking begin.

Hannah made sure the monkeys were hanging just right in the palm tree.

Janna whipped up some garlic Texas toast on the grill.

Regina kept the smudge going all afternoon. Isn't their fire ring neat?
Rodney and Regina also fired up the slush puppy machine with Pina Coladas and Frozen mudslides. YUMMY!!!

Finally, the turkey bell went off!

Regina covered the turkey to let it sit for a bit while we got everything else ready.

Gary was not fishing in a tournament yesterday so he was able to spend the day at camp with us. I love Gary to pieces and am thrilled he has a hobby (fishing) that he enjoys as much as he does. However, I sometimes feel bad that he misses out on some really great times with Hannah and I because he is gone so much. I'm always happy to have him for a family day and it makes it all the more special.

Gary did the turkey carving. We all commented on what a fine job he does. Of course, he got a big head about that. Isn't his shirt cool?


lime said...

i have only met one other family besides ours that smokes a turkey that way and it was the family that taught us how. it just tastes sooooo yummy! i love it.

thanks for sharing and yes, i dig gary's shirt ;)

ccw said...

I remember the turkey from last year (or the year before - I am losing time these days).

It looks like you all had a really nice time. I'm glad Gary was able to enjoy turkey day with you and Hannah.

Beth said...

I'd love to eat a turkey cooked that way. Looks delicious. Your camp is so cute! So homey.

I came back to get your blog link. I deleted half of mine last week when I was weeding.

Oh, also, I was curious about your banner on the site. Did you have someone design it or did you do it? The lettering is so perfect.

Julie said...

So nice to see other people that enjoy camping as much as we do. I would love to try a turkey that way...could you supply me with the directions? Also would like to get a deep fryer and do it that way. Have had it before and it's better than Thanksgiving.
So nice to see Gary could share in the fun with you. I know how it is to have a hubby that is always off someplace else. I am having trouble coming up with different meal ideas for camping...any suggestions...we usually do the regular...Speghetti, Quesadillas, Burgers...ICKY after a summer full of them.

Heather said...

Turkey looks long does it take to cook??

Camp looks like fun - do you have to haul everything up there every time you go??

Frayed Edges said...

I found you through Ree's blog and I have to say, this is my kinda campin'!!! Where do I find a slushie machine like that? What I wouldn't give to come home from work to a nice frozen concoction (forgive me, Jimmy Buffet) everyday. lol