Friday, August 17, 2007

Hats Off

One day, some elderly ladies wanted to shake things up and decided to act freaky and see who could design and wear the craziest hat to their tea party. I was lucky enough to be there to take a few photos and I wanted to share them with you.

Ethel thought her birthday cake with the candles would be the most outrageous thing ever. She sipped her tea and proudly displayed her creation:

Beatrice was not to be ignored. She decided to put Cupid and his arrow on a plate on her head. She even thought that striking an evil look on her face would help set the loving mood her hat portrayed.

Hazel decided to put a surface to air missile on her hat. "How fetching I look!" she thought, "it goes just fabulous with my pearls and corsage! I'm a sure winner of this contest!"

Margaret was an overworked housewife. She decided to put the only thing she knew well on her hat. She spent hours sewing tiny clothes to hang on the line on her creation. She finished it by cutting a large hole in a box of Tide, attaching her tiny clothesline and shoving the whole thing on her head. She topped it off her large quantities of alcohol.

Mildred's husband was a pianist so she had an extra keyboard laying around the house that she could fashion her headpiece from. She ran over a small animal on the way to the tea party and decided to plop it on the top of her hat for a little extra detail. I think it really made the hat stand out, don't you?

And finally we have Dorothy. She was the winner because, well, her hat just took the blue ribbon.


Beth said...

LOVE the crab hat! LMBO!

lime said...

my vote goes to margaret. hahahaha... fun post!

ccw said...


I love these hats.