Monday, August 13, 2007

Tidal Woes

On a beautiful sunny day in August, you decide to go fishing with your buddies. You pay your outrageous entry fee and prepare to blast across the water to your favorite spot. Let's just say that this favorite spot of yours is about X number of miles across a treacherous tidal bay that solely depends upon the tide as to whether it is navigable or not. Let's take this a step further and pretend that a couple of your buddies want to FOLLOW YOU across this bay at speeds close to 70mph. To make this story even more interesting.... what if there is an astronomical LOW tide occurring?

So, you're blasting across the bay, sunglasses on, tunes blaring, hair whipping in the wind(these are men in their 40's so maybe whipping isn't the right word? Fluttering? Hair valianting trying to hang on to the scalp?) and suddenly without warning... there's no water left and only a big fat sandbar under the boat bogging it to a dead stop. YIKES. You're stuck on a sandbar at the mercy of the tide. What do men do when they are standing around waiting for grass to grow the tide to come in so their boats will float again? From these pictures I would venture to say that..........

  1. They stand around and tell fishing stories... you know something original.
  2. They stand around scratching their heads thinking "What in hell just happened here?"
  3. They freeze their stupid ankles off in cold water.
  4. They leave their life jackets on just in case they fall down in 10" of water.
  5. They want to pummel the guy that was leading them across the bay.
  6. They strike a cool pose leaning on the outboard motor.

They all made it safely across AND BACK once the tide co-operated with them. I just thought it was pretty funny. By the way, Gary's lower unit is nice and scraped paint-free, down to the bare metal... thanks to the sand scraping it received.


lime said...

ROFLMAO!!!! you had me at 'hair valiantly trying to hang onto the scalp....the rest was absolute gravy for the main dish of that line.....rock on sheri!

ccw said...


I love the hair description.

ShielaLee said...

I just LOVE to read your blog! I don't comment as much as I should - you always make me smile, or laugh, or think a little more deeply! You're awesome!

noelle said...

Too funny. Awfully hard to look cool when something like that happens. Thanks for the good laugh.

Heather said...

Too funny ;-) Made me laugh - I bet they didn't though!