Friday, December 22, 2006

Family Party

We had our family Christmas get together last weekend. Ariel hosted it and it was a smashing fun time! Of course, for me, one of the highlights is taking the annual picture of the kids, which I shared on my last post. The majority of the kids aren't little kids anymore so I wonder how many more years they will tolerate their kooky aunt wanting to take their picture.

To Hannah's utter delight, Susan had brought her chocolate fountain with fruit and pretzels. I don't think Hannah strayed more than an arm's reach from the fountain all afternoon. By the end of the party she was so jacked up on a sugar buzz and she's not a nice person when she's coming off that either.

Everyone brought an appetizer of some sort and there was a wonderful array of different foods! Chicken, tiny quiches, a broiled olive and cheese bite, Stacy's Ripley Dip, cheese, crackers, sweets and 3 different kinds of meatballs. There was so much to eat and drink! YUMMY! No one enjoys chicken like my Uncle Bob.

After we all ate, we watched a great movie that Seth had done for my mother on a DVD. It was adorable and had tons of pictures of him and his brother and was set to music. Mom loved it.

The weather was extremely uncharacteristic for December. Ariel had windows open and we enjoyed the fresh, unseasonably warm weather immensely. My nephews, Austin and Sean, donned Santa hats for this picture titled....Rejected Elves

To top off what was a perfect day.... Ariel's kitty, Toby, decided he had had just about enough of this strange white, prickly thing with the pretty red lights on it in the house and needed to investigate it further. Here he is from the bowels of the Christmas tree....reaching out to wish you all a happy holiday!


lime said...

sounds like it was a wonderful time! so glad to hear it. thanks for sharing:) merry christams to all!

Beth said...

I loved all the pictures. Wow, the chocolate though ... I stared at that a little too long. Maybe have gained 5 pounds from unconscious binge-thought.

Cylithria™ said...

OMG I love the kitty in the tree hahahahahahahahahaha and the rejected elves takes a nice second place Sheri! hahahah sounds like you all had a blast! Here's hoping that 2007 brings you and yours wondrous times!!! ((((Sheri))