Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Tree

I've having such fits with Blogrolling right now. It's never a simple thing to log on and see if someone in my Blogroll has updated. I'm guessing that whatever pings to Blogrolling is not working right now and it sucks ass for sure! I'm trying Bloglines to see if that helps. Bear with me, my internet friends..... I am getting around to reading and commenting as much as I can. In the meantime, I had to post a picture of my tree to prove it's done. Finally.

And our annual picture of the kids taken at the family party:

Same kids but a few years earlier (2003)..... talk about change!


lime said...

oh i like the lighting in the tree pic! and those4 darn kids, they just don't stay small do they?

Sharpie said...

LOVE your tree!!! Man they grow up quick don't they?!

ccw said...

Amazing how quickly kids change.

Your tree is beautiful!

Beth said...

I love the long hair on the boys. I love the Emo movement. lol

Sandi said...

Next thing you know they will all be in college.

Have a great Christmas Sis.