Monday, November 20, 2006

Pasta Bar

The thing I wanted to talk about today is why is it that if Gary helps me do something, I feel I must profusely thank him for days on end? When I was working fulltime outside the house and Hannah was an infant in daycare while I did this, I can't even begin to tell you how happy I would be if I came home and Gary had done something. Even if it was start the dishwasher. Throwing in a load of laundry was an all out celebration for me. I practically wept I was so thrilled. I did have a cleaning lady come one morning once a week. She got more done in 4 hours by herself than I could do in an entire weekend with Gary and Hannah around.

This weekend we cleaned our cellar. Oh my God - it was such a mess. We went to Home Depot and bought some shelving units and even vacuumed! We threw everything out the bulkhead that we didn't want anymore and what couldn't be burned went into the dumpster. Yes, I have a dumpster at my house. It's just a small 2 cubic yard size and it is emptied every other week but I love it. Then after all that fun.... we have a big fire in the backyard to burn everything that would go up in flames.

Tomorrow is Pasta Bar at school. I have no idea what this means because so far this year it has not been on the menu. Besides myself, there are two other new employees in the kitchen and I'm guessing the Food Service Director thought we would all run screaming from the building during this Pasta Bar day. The kids have been asking and begging for it since September. I have been dreading it like a root canal but I can not avoid it any longer. It is tomorrow. I will go to work like I am heading for the gallows. I will have 600 kids throwing $2 at me like there is no tomorrow. Mounds of pasta with different sauces! Help yourself! Throw macaroni everywhere! Slip and slide on it!

As soon as I pick the rotini out of my hair, I'll check in tomorrow and give you the play by play of Pasta Bar day!


Beth said...

Wow, that does NOT sound fun. (the pasta bar thing) Good for you on organizing the basement.

Oh, also, I just read the previous entry and now I'm going to ask how my kids give money to the "lunch lady" and how they carry their items. I would NOT want my kids acting like that fucktard you had. I think they don't, but now I'm going to make sure!

Melody said...

Pasta bar....sounds like a funnnn day!! Hope you survive!

lime said...

we had all sorts of arguments about mr lime being willing to carry his own frickin dish to the sink much less help me in the kitchen. i consciously decided NOT to thank him for actually cleaning up after himself. i shouldn't have to thank an adult for being responsible.

pasta bar huh? is there an open bar for cafeteria workers at the end of it all??

Anonymous said...

Pasta Bar! Sounds like a lot of fun for the ladies, not so much. I hope it goes by more smoothly than anticipated though.

As for being eternally grateful for every little act of kindness....... that got old really fast in this house.. I no longer have the ungrateful offending party around anymore.

ccw said...

I can't get anything done on the weekends. Having everyone in the house just creates a path behind me as I clean. Kid L literally moves from one clean room to the next making a mess.

Pasta Bar? That sounds like cafeteria horror for employees.