Friday, November 24, 2006

Up North

I have to make this kind of short because I'm on dial-up service where I am right now. I guess I had forgotten how painfully slow dial-up is. I don't want to spend a long time typing out a big post only to find it will be sometime in early 2007 before Blogger gets done publishing it.

Thanksgiving was good and not stressful at all. Sue forgot to turn on the squash but the world kept turning and the sun came up this morning so I guess all wasn't lost. She did redeem herself in Gary's eyes because she made (as he put it) "The best blueberry pie I have ever had in my life!" Coming from Gary, this is a HUGE compliment, because in his life he's eaten lots of pies to compare it to. I forgot all about the gravy until we were sitting down to dinner but, again, oh well, we survived. Tonight, we are going to Sue's for spaghetti and tomorrow we are going out to dinner with Melody & Lloyd.

Pasta Bar went well except WE RAN OUT OF PASTA! Why the cook didn't make enough was beyond me. It's not like pasta is outrageous in the cost department, especially at a school where the government provides it at $5 for a truckload. One senior (and this is not joke!) literally threw himself on the floor like a baby, on his back, kicking and flailing his arms, screaming "No! No! No!" It really was quite humorous!

Well, I'm getting ready to publish this so wish me luck.


Beth said...

I had an accident free perfect Thanksgiving this year. I do all the cooking and my God, even my husband said, "Why do so much? Cut this in half for Christmas so you can rest a bit." I think I'll do just that.

I feel sorry for that senior. Running out of pasta at a pasta bar should be a crime. Haha.

Yvette said...

sue said she forgot the squash...but said it was because you and her got into the WINE!!!

i saw ariel & her NEW man (that sue never told me about) at the stress free tonight... she looks really happy and she told me that the "free pap" clinic is next get the word out!!!

lime said...

you didn't take pictures of the flailing senior???? aww man! it's enough to make me flail! too funny

glad the holiday went well!

. said...

We have a pasta bar here at a local restaurant but at school...that is a disaster waiting to happen

ccw said...

Oh the horror! I don't understand why there wasn't enough pasta but those kids are in for a rude awakening when they enter their adult lives if they can get so disjointed over pasta.

Sharpie said...

Holy crap - on the floor????? Over pasta???