Friday, November 17, 2006


Wow - this week has flown by! and I received my paycheck today! I always tell my boss when she hands me my check..."and I get paid for all this fun too?!"

Today, I kindly asked a senior in high school, A FUCKING SENIOR NO LESS, almost an adult, to please not throw his money at me when he paid for his lunch. He looked at me and said "Why not?" "Because it's extremely rude," I replied. I had all I could do not to end that phrase with "you spoiled, rotten fucktard!" These kids pull money out of their pockets wadded into the tiniest little balls of bills. I think it's a game to see how small they can squish their money. I don't know of any wallet carrying adult who would hand money over to a cashier like that. So, when do these kids 'cross over'? When do they suddenly grow up and realize that the world doesn't revolve around them? They come through the lunch line with their fork hanging out of their mouth, because, well, both hands are holding the tray. God forbid, they hold the fork in the palm of the hand that is holding the tray. Some kids even stick the business end of the fork in their hair because that's a convenient place.....ick, blech., how friggin' gross can you get? Their milk carton is usually put in their mouth, held by their teeth, and I've not the heart to tell them.... I'VE SEEN THE MILK DELIVERY GUY'S HANDS and I wouldn't put one of those cartons in my mouth if I were you. SIGH..... Being the Condiment Queen can be very tiring at times.

Speaking of tiring.... I was looking high and low for the kittens this morning before I left for work. I called to them in my squeakiest voice "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" I made big pucker, kissing sounds with my lips...."pwah, pwah, pwah!" I clapped my hands like a freakish cha cha dancer.... but still they wouldn't come. I hollered to my mother..."Mom! I have to leave for work and I can't find the kittens." I pushed my keyboard drawer in and low and behold, there under my desk, next to the paper cutter...

After all this bitching and moaning that I am doing you are probably wondering if I'm ever going to say something nice. Well, I am. I have to give kudos to my daughter's school for this awesome Secret Santa program they are doing this year. Instead of picking an item off a tree to buy for a person, the school is sponsoring a family through a family advent calendar that the children are doing. Each day, Hannah has been opening a slip of paper, reading the contents and collecting and counting the money from our family. Each participating family from the school with be collecting around $10 worth of change for a month. The days slips of paper state things such as:

  • Pay .25 if you took your lunch to school today.
  • Pay .05 for each pet you have
  • Pay .25 if you had to be reminded of a school rule today
  • Pay .10 for each family birthday this month
  • Pay .02 for each mile you travel to school each day.

It really has been fun for Hannah to read the slips of paper. I thought it was a nice idea as well. Of the 200 families at Hannah's school, if half participate.....collect around $1000..... it will be a nice donation to the Secret Santa program.

In closing, I would like to share this picture I found under Seasonal Safety. The caption of the photo states:

When carving the turkey carry the carving knife with care not like this woman who has them pointing at her daughter.


Yvette said...

i'm totally gonna use "fucktard" saturday night when heather and i go out....thats a good one!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! More kitties! Thank you, thank you, thank you! LOL!

Damn, I hope theres no sparks down there by all those electrical cords! Scary!


Julie said...

I coach and do volunteer work at out local schools plus Kristen has 500 friends that frequently hang at my house and I have to tell you that rudeness is ALWAYS an issue. I even have an article I found titled Generation Rude and it talks of how cell phones and instant messaging is forming our young people into obnoxious, uncaring adults. Things they say online or through text is NOT something they would say if face to face. These kids do think that the world revolves around them and there isn't one out there, including my own daughter that has a clue how to treat another person. It's all about "ME ME ME" and who gives a shit about "You You You". I find it all very frustrating and since I have a hard time holding my tongue I won't work at the school unless it's a position where I am in total control. I think the schools should do role reversal. Have the adults at the school be the students for a day and have the students fill in for the adults. And then really give them all a taste of their own medicine.

Your kittens are absolutely beautiful. Mine sleeps under my computer desk also and I'm always whackin him in the head with my hard sole shoe. Poor Kitty!

Heidi said...

What adorable little kitties you have, Sheri!

lime said...

please do tell me if you ever come up to an sawer about when they snots morph into adults. i certainly don't know. i sus[ect some of them never do...

ccw said...

I have always said that if I knew even half as much as I thought I did when I was a teenager I would be a genius. The rudeness - this is why I could not be a teacher. I would tell someone's little precious to go f*ck themselves.

The kittens are so cute!

I love what the school is doing. Kid L's Girl Scout troop is making cookies and crafts with the kids at a battered women's shelter and the school is collecting coats for a school downtown.