Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogging Roots

Hello my blogging friends. I hope this doesn't disappoint you but my blog is going to be more of an online diary for awhile. I've started my job (which I love to pieces) and am still working for Gary but am finding it hard to have the time to sit and think of big subjects to write about. That being said, I am going to revert to my original Blogger roots, which was a daily blah blah about what I did or the weather. How boring, I know, but it gives me a place to come and find information about what I did and when.... if I need it.

The job is going great. I like what I do and the people I work with. It feels good to get a paycheck again. The health insurance is not going to work out for us. Because I am part-time, it is too expensive, with the district only paying $200 and me having the balance of $750. That's okay with me because we will just continue with what we have (the Shit Plan from Blue Cross) and we do get dental through the school.

Hannah is doing ok in school. I feel so bad because she has such a tough time with math. It seems she can not retain anything from one day to another. Like 4+2=6. She'll know it if I repeat it to her 5 times, but tomorrow if I ask her.... she'll have to count it on her fingers, like she has no clue. The reason I know this is because I have been using this same equation for over 3 weeks with her and each day.... it's the same thing. I don't know what to do.

Well, I must go get ready for work....hairnet and all.


melodyann said...

Geez, Sheri, that's tough. Sometimes when it seems like they just can't get it, all of a sudden something will "click" and then it's like they've always known it. Hey, I'm glad you like your job! I used to love mine, but I'm beginning to hate it. I don't think it's the job though, 'cause I'm pretty much hatin' on everything right now.

Sandi said...

It's your blog, do with as you need to.
Hannah will get it eventually, right now she just may need the attention more than she needs to know the math.
To bad about the insurance, but what you have now has to be better than what I have. I have some really screwed up PPO plan. It seems to be more of a discount plan instead of insurance.

ccw said...

Glad work is going well. Sorry you have to keep the shit insurance. I feel your pain; we have shit insurance, too.

I wish I had some advice about Hannah but Kid L has been trying to retain her times tables for years now.

lime said...

it's your blog you can blah blah if you want to.

sounds like hannah needs math to be made very concrete for her. numbers and symbols can be so abstract for some kids. maybe if you can work in those addition and subtraction facts in real daily life....sorting laundry (how many socks should we have here? kind of counting and working out problems with the pieces of clothes) or grocery shopping, or setting the table. (if we each need a fork and a knife how many pieces of silverware should be on the table) keep it light and practical. just some thoughts.

Beth said...

Love the hairnets thing.

Math was my worst subject. It is my daughter's best. She's already in high school Math and I don't understand any of it. Isn't that terrible? Algebra, pre-calc ... I just don't get it. I don't know how I ever passed.

I wish there was an easier way with Math. I feel for Hannah!

Sunshine said...

Hmmmmm, online "diary" so you can go back and see what you were doing. Are you laying the groundwork for a viable alibi because you are planning a massive killing spree? But seriously, the "went to work today, was there ALL DAY LONG" thing won't be enough for the cops. Just sayin.

Larry said...

Math can be tough. I had to be tutored in 4th grade actually.

As to insurance-- what a racket! Just give Gary a hacksaw and a hammer to knock you out with. I'm sure you'll be fine :)

Heather said...

Math totally sucks. I should know, I'm a CPA and I hate it.

Lime has a great idea with the object counting. Also, my son loves the math related computer games and workbooks (we do workbook pages instead of reading some nights before bed.)