Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ahhhhh..... Saturday morning. Gary arose at 6:45am to go launch the boat and fish in a tournament that was on the lake near the campground. About 7am he left and shortly after that......

Hannah: Mom? Are you awake?
Me: mmmmm....not quite... whaz up?
Hannah:(huge sigh) Nothing. Nothing at all. Just wondering if you were awake.

Footsteps sneak across the floor. I hear a drawer open and then the cupboard door. She must've used the drawer as a stepstool to reach the cupboard....nice. Some melamine bowls fall on the floor, bouncing everywhere. So much for being quiet. "Oh poop!" she whispers. The refrigerator is opened and then slammed shut a few seconds later. A box of cereal is noisily torn open. I start to drift back to sleep......... and about 15 minutes later....

Hannah: Mom, are you going to sleep all day?
Me: No, Hannah, I would like to sleep in a little bit though.
Hannah: (huge sigh) Alright. Okay. I was just wondering.

Crunching of cereal. The dog (who is sleeping under the covers in my bed) starts to freak the fuck out because she can hear someone chewing food and she isn't sitting right there to beg for it. The dog is frantically trying to get out from under the covers by ripping them all off me and proceeds to step on my almost full bladder which I was trying to hold off from having to empty for at least a half hour. Trying to get back to snoozing ..... and then...... I get this weird feeling and open my eyes. Hannah's face is inches from mine at the side of the bed.

Hannah: Mom? Are you still sleeping? When are you going to get up?
Me: (huge, huge sigh) Now, Hannah. I'll get up now.

It's a whopping 7:45 by now. So much for sleeping in.

I have always had a mesh hamper inside the tub in the camper. I've told Hannah and Gary that if they could please put their dirty clothes in there, it would be a huge help to me. Hannah does without fail. Gary..... well.... he needs some practice. In packing up this morning his dirty clothes were:
  • on the floor
  • at the end of the bed
  • in the tub (but not the hamper)
  • shoved in the corner
Another huge, huge sigh.


Mike Todd said...

Thanks for the entertainment! This is quality stuff. Gary might not pick up his clothes, but at least he doesn't step on your bladder. That would be uncool.

Sunshine said...

I used to be able to sleep in before kids. Now I've had to retrain myself to rise early and I'm not crazy about it but whatever..... by the time the little suckers are finally off to college, my eyes will snap open at 6AM no matter what and damn, I'm going to be pissed.

lime said...

i feel your pain

Jered said...

hehe... I can remember doing that to my parents when I was young, especially at Christmas.

Your description of where Gary's dirty clothes were is probably a pretty accurate description of where Mike Todd keeps both his clean and dirty clothes - that guy has no use for dressers or hangers!