Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rain - Enough Already

First, I would like to extend a huge congratulations to Cecily on the birth of her daughter, Victoria. I've followed her story for a long time now and I couldn't be more thrilled that everything has turned out the way it has for her. Pop over and check out the photos of the happy family!

Remember my FedEx problem? Well, case closed! We finally received a check from them and from what I've heard, it was a personal FedEx record...... less than 30 days from the start of filing the claim. I guess being a squeaky wheel does have its merits. They probably did not want to hear from me or Gary, the attorney general, Joe Bornstein, The Better Business Bureau, Guido the Knee Buster and whoever else we threatened to send their way. Fuckers. Note to self: Always buy the extra insurance and for more than the item costs. Amen

I think we are on something like day 43 of rain. Well, to me it feels that way. Maybe, MAYBE on MONDAY OF NEXT WEEK the sun will come out. At least that's what the weatherman said this morning.

Another question burning a hole in my brain is..... where the heck is Suri Cruise? Not once has ANYONE seen a glimpse of her. My question is... does she even exist? It's been almost 2 months since her birth? hello? anyone? and another question....why do I care?


Yvette said...

As for Monday in Greenville, we're gonna get more rain...that's what the weatherman was forcasting today (the asshole)!

Yvette said...

As for Monday in Greenville, we're gonna get more rain...that's what the weatherman was forcasting today (the asshole)!

Sandi said...

Please send some rain my way!!!
As for the Cruise kid, well you know that Tom pays better bodygaurds to keep the photographers at bay, and when that fails he just beats them up himself.
I can not for the life of me figure out why you care though!

Sharpie said...

She's on the Mother Ship as we speak.

Beth said...

We have had rain for over a month year. All my new seeds have been washed away and sinced they're heirloom seeds, I can't replace them.
UPS sucks as well. They delivered a glass butter dish to me yesterday in about thousand pieces. Like the dude didn't know it was broken. You could hear it was in pieces.
Sarcasm and joking aside, I used to be a Scientologist. Unlike other stars, Scientologists don't give baby pics to the highest bidder. =) They feel more of a duty to keep their children out of the public eye.

lime said...

congrats on getting fedex to cough up! and sheri, hon....i think the rain has waterlogged your brain if you are so worried about suri cruise, you poor thing. you need sun, badly.

Larry said...

Rain is evil!!! But there are bits of blue poking through here in mid-coast.

As to the Cruise-spawn. She was a fabricated prop, and only appeared lifelike as a result of computer-generated special effects. In fact, Katie Holmes is also fake, and is actually Kevin Bacon in a clever bit of make-up.

Heidi said...

hey, sheri!

so, are you building an ark yet? ;)

don't worry... (begins singing in my best impersonation of Annie) "The sun'll come ooouuuut to-mor-row!!!"

LOL miss me? ;)

hope the sun shines soon in your corner of ME and that ya have a good week!

ccw said...

Cold and rainy here all weekend.

Glad the FedEx thing was resolved. I am impressed by their prompt response.

Heather said...

Yeah Cecily!!!! ;-)

Glad the Fed Ex thing worked out - pretty good speed!!

I don't think Suri exists. Really - even Brangelina put pictures out in the press and gave the $ to charity. Maybe Tom and Kate should do the same (if there is a baby) and give the money to, say, a PPD charity? Butthead.

melodyann said...

YAY YAY YAY on the Fed Ex thing, Sheri!

Not only have we been having rain, but it's been frickin' COLD here!

God, how I am looking forward to my vacation!!! Eighteen days in Georgia and Florida...........

I'll come back complaining about how HOT I was and how GLAD I am that I live in WV!

Chicka said...

They're still busy trying to sell the rights to her first pictures for over a cool mill. I personally think that's the most disgusting thing you could do to your own child, whether or not you give it to charity (the money, that is).

And really - I think she was a fabrication, too. Katie just never looked pregnant enough. Tom always has her in a death grip in every picture I've seen of them.