Friday, October 21, 2005

What Sheri needs

Fun Friday!

What you do is Google your name, followed by the word ‘needs’ (it's best to put the phrase in quotation marks). Try it! It was fun! Plus, you might be VERY surprised at what YOU need.

Here are the top ten results for what Sheri needs.....

1. Sheri needs to find out why she's being contacted by a collection agency. I shit you not. This was number one. I didn't know I had made the top Google search. Now - why are they calling me?

2. Sheri needs competition! Um... no... really I don't! My self-esteem can't handle much competition.

3. Sheri needs more data. Oh God - yes! This is just what I need - more useless info in my head.

4. Sheri needs to show up in game 3 and stop getting burnt by Kesha. This was from the WNBA. and I specifically told those bee-yotches to keep my playing basketball for them a secret!

5. Sheri needs to keep a food journal... well thanks for that word of advice internet. I already know that... I just don't do it.

6. Sheri needs to drive our van because her car is too small for her to pick up my girls plus the regular carpool of three. Ok, this would imply that some snooty mother can't drive her own van to take her own girls somewhere? What am now... a taxi service? Does you insurance cover me driving YOUR van like a bat out of hell? (great album by the way)

7. Sheri, needs a lot of help. And you are just realizing this? lol

8. Sheri needs 40 buttons For what??? I would also need 8 more hands to help button all those friggin' buttons.

9. Sheri needs to provide an electronically-timed 800 meter result under 2:28 within the last 17 months Okay - wtf does this mean? They must be talking about the other Sheri... the one with a degree in Nuclear Physics

10. Sheri needs help finding a buried $100,000 Don't we all? Just be assured that I don't share well and I run with scissors sometimes too. Maybe I better do the searching on my own.


Sue said...

LOLOL, ok i am trying it out now... Let you know what i need soon....

Melody said...

LMFAO...this is so much fun...can't wait to do it for myself.

Lauren said...

Wasn't this a hoot? I had so much fun with it. Oh, and the 800 meter result is track and field. ;o)

lime said...

what kind of percentage can i get if i help ya find the money??

Tatiana said...

Number 10 should be at the top of your list! :)