Sunday, October 23, 2005

Say-It Sunday Post #4

Sorry this is so late! The day just flew by before I got a chance to do this.

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B.S. said...

You've chnaged my life with that post!


j/k, cool beans

Julie said...

Hey Girl! Good to hear your voice again. Sounds like you found what you are looking for with the camper...we have been looking for one for about three years now but every time we find what we are looking for something comes up and the money just isn't there. When the timing is right we'll know it and just go for it. Anyway, good luck with yours and don't let those salesmen make you feel inferior. If you come across one just say "well, this really isn't the high standards I expected...It's actually a worthless piece of crap and you chould be ashamed of yourself for selling such shoody goods". Then who will look like the Loser? HAHA
Have a great week and I'll be reading you faithfully.

Melody said...

A new fun. I hope that means you may be in 'my neck of the woods' camping again this summer. Great to hear from you...have a loverly week.

. said...

damn...I WANT a new camper!!! LOL...our last trip is this coming weekend! Looking so forward to it!

FunkyB said...

I've just cruised your last few posts, and you are FUNNY, girl! I'll be back for sure!