Monday, July 11, 2005

In a great frame of mind

Today is a great day. Although it might 427 degrees outside in the shade, I am not letting that minor detail get to me today. I helped my friend Melody put together a different blog template. I'm feeling very accomplished to be able to do this. Instead of that html code looking like a bunch of mumbo actually is starting to come together and I'm able to read it. Imagine that!

I also traded in my pop-up camper for this! Not that I didn't like the popup....I just wanted something easier to use. It's my laziness coming out. Anyway, I couldn't find all the paperwork that came with the popup. I mean I couldn't find ANY of it. I spent last light tossing and turning thinking about where I'd put it. I knew I hadn't thrown it out and I had looked in all the spots I might have put it. Today I looked in the back of the filing cabinet (had already looked there) and it was in there. Just sitting there as pretty as you please. Oh what a relief!

We've got a couple trips planned. We are going to Rangeley Lake in August and Point Sebago in October. I think we are going to be making a trip to Moosehead later this month. Gary has a job to complete up there and we are thinking of going as a family. Hannah is still doing rec and her tutoring program. This week her rec will be going to the beach, having a Hawaiian Luau and going to Happy Wheels and Jokers. Gosh, to be a kid and have nothing but fun things to do.


Sarah said...

Your site looks great and I'm so glad things are looking up.

Speaking of up, way to trade up on your pop-up! That is some switch and looks very comfortable.

Kim said...

Love the new site Sheri, and I hope you have a great time. Enjoy yourself!

Tatiana said...

Bravo on planning to go away as a family. That is just wonderful. Hope July goes fast in all the excitement that you share with each other!

Sue said...

PLEASE come up to Moosehead! It will be so fun! Tell Hannah to have fun at rec this week, sounds like it will be a ball!

Melody said... you remember the way?LOL! You can get directions on MAPQUESTS. Seriousely though, I'd love to see you...NO PRESSURE OF COURSE. Camper looks great, we traded cars this week end. Love the bad it had to come with a payment book. I'm glad that things seem to be looking up for you.

Chicka said...

Sheri, it looks super!

Oh to have a camper like that. (Aw heck - oh to have my truck back in running order! LOL)!