Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hannah's Art Show

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHannah was in an annual Primary Grade art show at Bandaloop Restaurant today. Bandaloop is a new restaurant in the Port. Very pricey and has funky, vegetarian foods. The show was neat. All the kids did a great job with their projects.

There was Hannah's Emperor Coat, which is what we went to see. It's the colorful one with the green skirt below the sun. She is very proud of it, and rightly she should be.

Some of the other crafts which caught our eye was the parade of India Elephants. Image hosted by One seriously looks like a cow to me or at the very least a deranged rodeo bull.

Then there were the pigs. It was one of those displays where I had to keep my hand over my mouth to hide my chuckles. Image hosted by

Have you ever seen a dancing pig? With giant red lips and a green face?

Image hosted by

How about a swimming pig? This dude is moving - he's surrounded by jellyfish and other aquatic creatures. They are probably freaking out or curious because they've never seen a swimming pig either. Especially one in rainbow trunks.

Image hosted by


Melody said...

How sweet, she is quite the artist.

Sarah said...

She did a fantastic job with the emperors coat!! LOL about some of those other photos... especially that pig. But, I tell ya...that is one great art teacher they have there!! One of the reasons I decided to go to public school for my kiddos this past year vs. the Catholic school they were in was art. I visited the public school to talk to the principal and teachers and was impressed by the art work in the halls. A really good art teacher can affect the children and their work so immensly so that any child can do quality work. Well, when the kids started school in the fall, I found out that they had a new art teacher. The art this year in the halls wasn't was just, well, y'know, regular kids' artwork.....blah blah blah.

The pics you posted are amazing and colorful!! She must be so proud of her display!!

Sue said...

Kennebunkport is not only an artists colony, it is an artist-breeding colony. What a beautiful display!
Hannah, yours is the best! Love you!

Kim said...

Awesome! I love art exhibits from children. The atrium of a building I frequent has displays all the time, I allow myself an extra half an hour prior to my appointment just to browse. It's so wonderfully entertaining to see their creative minds at work!~