Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Oh yeah, I met a few people today I could have given one of these to. I bet in the course of day, you too, might come across someone who could 'Get a Clue'.

Today, mom and I rode over to the pool place so I could be ripped off buy something to try and clear the pool water up. " oh yes!" said the salesperson. "We have exactly what you need!" So, $21.46 later we leave and mom asks me to stop by Staples so she can pick up the world's hardest to find light bulb. It's the bastard size one that came with the lamp she bought on clearance. Of course, they didn't have it. They had every size BUT the one she needed. No one offered to help us either. Christ, I thought I was at Walmart the way we were being ignored. We continue to stroll around the store looking at different items. I tend to take a buggy in any store I go to, load it up with things I wish I could buy, then discreetly remove things and put them back. If you ever find a $10 bottle of shampoo in the automotive aisle.... I might have been there. Or a package of underwear with the catfood... yep, it could've been me.

So, we head up to the check-out and the cute, little checker girl is going on her lunchbreak and turning her station over to the nephew of Lurch, from the Munsters show. First of all, either he can't talk or he's got rocks in his mouth. I have good hearing but twice I had to say "I'm sorry...what?" I still couldn't hear him so......whatever dude. I paid by debit card and he never thanked me or said "come again" or anything like that. I think that the least an employee can do when your in their place of business, dumping alot of money into the place that pays them, is say "thanks for coming to ___(insert store name here)." In other words "thank you for helping me earn my paycheck".

When mom and I were leaving, I glanced to the left and saw the manager of the store. Usually I don't like to make a scene, but for some reason, this particular exchange pissed me off. Maybe it was because before we left to go shopping, I saw my husband come home a get a clean, dry t-shirt because he was working in a hot, steamy,dusty place and was drenched with sweat and filthy. He looked beat. And here's this young punk not willing to put forth any effort when I'm spending the money my husband is literally swimming in sweat to earn? " I'll be right back, mom" I said. I went to the manager and told him that he really should tell that young man on the register that it wouldn't hurt him to crack a smile and act like he was glad people were in his store, spending money so he could get a paycheck this week.

So, if I felt so strongly about it then, why do I feel like a jerk now for doing that?


Sandi said...

Because you are to nice!!! That little twerp needs to be fired, so he can build a little understanding of what that pay check means. This is a major issue at my employment right now also. People are not being friendly and just saying Hi.
Look on the bright side, you got it off your chest. LOL

Tatiana said...

Because being ignorant is a norm in our society? And when we go against this "norm", we suddenly feel guilty?

Ariel said...

Don't feel bad aunt sheri, good for you! Hope whatever you bought for the pool works 'cause it's going to be a hot weekend :).