Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Dish Rule

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What 5 Things do you miss about your childhood?

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1. I miss having my own space & time to just laze around. My bedroom was my sanctuary. I hardly ever had to 'clean it because I was a fairly neat teenager (imagine!) and I always had everything in order and everything had a place. I always took time everyday to write in a daily journal and I would love to be able to see them today to reread them. Long story, but they're all gone.

2. I miss my girlfriends from school. I've lost touch with all of them but one. I always thought my group of friends was so cool. We all were in band, sports and girl scouts together. My best friend, Melody, had the coolest parents. Her dad took care of some nice properties around Moosehead and we'd go stay at one called "Keeps", alone with no adults for days at a time. It was the best time ever!!

3. My ability to play the piano. I took lessons for years...until high school and then stopped. I dabbled a few times in my early 20's and haven't touched it since. I don't think I could remember how to play or read music. Image hosted by

4. Doing the supper dishes with my sister, Sue. That was one (of many) of our daily chores. I washed and she wiped. Every night, she always mysteriously had to go the bathroom when it came time to clear the table and do the dishes. Our DISH RULE was that if the washer (me) had all the dishes washed before the wiper (Sue) had started wiping, then the wiper had to put ALL the dishes away by herself. So I'd be washing happily away, getting quieter as I proceeded so she wouldn't know when I was on the silverware .... because that meant the pots and pans came next. They were always noisy and she'd be able to tell I was on the homestretch and catch me before I could finish. It NEVER failed. She'd saunter out of the bathroom just as I was finishing the last piece and start to dry. A short little tiff would ensue between us, with me accusing her of doing it on purpose but, according to THE DISH RULE now I was stuck standing around helping her put away the dishes as she wiped them. Usually, I lost my patience waiting and helped her wipe them. We always ended up talking, singing, doing cheers and gossiping. Looking back, it is always one of my cherished memories. However, even to this day, she still disappears after supper to the bathroom.

5. The ability for time to move slow. When I was younger it seemed to take forever for time to pass. Waiting to get older, wear a bra, my birthday, summer vacation, the weekend. Time seemed to stand still as I experience every second, minute, and hour of a day. Now, it seems I blink and a day goes by. Minutes are whizzing by. Weeks pass with me saying "Huh? Where'd that go?". The statement "I'll do that next week" might as well be "I'd better do it RIGHT NOW" because next week will be here and gone before I know it. I try to live each day but for some reason the days are shorter now.


Melody said...

i've lost touch with everyone too, i'm glad to have reconnected with you, even via cyberspace. I remember the dish rule...had one at my house too. some memories of the past are good. Yes that Stratton

Sleeping Mommy said...

I got tagged by this one too. Loved reading your responses.

Sarah said...

This is a cool tag, thank you. I love what you wrote...I will try to get mine done today!

Sue said...

Sorry, that is when I have the urge "to go". Melody tagged me, but I have no idea what that means or how to move someones address around, so will you teach me that next week? I miss all the same things you miss, too! Other than the ability to play the piano. I do sometimes wonder if I could run up and down the field hockey field once without dying?

Julie said...

Got tagged by Mel and saw that you had commented. Thanks...It's nice to have someone knew to comment with...No holds barred...say what you must. I love some of your memories in this post, unfortunately my sister and I have no "fond" memories of each other...she was a bully then and is more so now.
I try to come back to the simple things in life that mean the most, hence my blog name, but it seems all we do is's nice to have a post like this to get back to those simpler times...Keep Posting and commenting...