Friday, March 25, 2005

Who's George?

Yesterday I started to not feel so well. My nose was stuffing up real bad and my head felt funny. All through supper my nose was running. Just all of a sudden snot would pour out of my nose. I decided to take some Nyquil before bed to help me sleep better. Sleep better? I don't know how Nyquil effects others but with me about an hour after I take it, I have to lay down NOW and I mean NOW. I can't hold my eyes open at all and I can feel the sleep of the dead coming fast. For me, it's almost like drinking to much and passing out. It makes me wonder what in the world do they put in that stuff? I kept vividly dreaming about someone looking for George (?). I don't know who was looking for him or even who George was. When the alarm went off I smashed Gary in the nose to turn it off and asked him if he found George. I think George was stuck in my mind because of all the references to G. Bush on the news regarding the Terri Schiavo case.

I can't even begin to imagine what the parents of that woman are going through. And on the same token, I can't imagine what it must be like for her husband either. I'm thankful that Gary & I both have our estate planned, as well as living wills and guardianship for Hannah spelled out. Our estate planned....that sounds like we have an estate with yachts, acreage, money and prestige. NOT! It's just a plan for what would happen with our precious Hannah and our home, business, and numerous belongings should something happen to us. Peace of mind is what we call it. If you don't have a plan, I would highly recommend getting one.

That said, I will sign off for today as I am not feeling well.


Anonymous said...

Last year Lloyd and I took our first "kid free" vacation. As we were getting ready, it dawned on us that if we didn't make it back, our children would be left dangling, as we had no will, a gross oversite on our part. We had always figures that we didn't have much so why bother. Well we now have a will with everything spelled out including guardianship of the kids, Granted Dustin is 19 now, but he would still need guidance if anything happened to us. I can't believe that we tempted fate for so many years. I quiver at the possibilty that my kids would have been raised by either sets of parents, neither agree with my form of parenting....LUCK was on my side for once.

Sarah said...

A living will and a will spelling out guardianship is SO important. If we learn anything from the Terry Schiavo case, let it be that.

I laughed out loud at your Nyquil description. Being an alcoholic, I used to drink that stuff like water. There was a whole year back there somewhere when I had to have it every night in order to fall asleep. I could not go near the stuff now...too close to home. It has a lot of alcohol in it.