Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Could someone please tell me?

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Could someone tell me the following reasons for these things happening:

Why is it that a Q-Tip is magically deflected out of the wastecan by some unseen forcefield? Then becomes invisible to the person tossing it away? Just curious.

Also, if a shampoo bottle held no shampoo last time you tried it, why wouldn't you throw it away instead of leaving it upside down like a forgotten bottle of ketchup? Just curious.

Also, just curious to know how a bathroom can collect so much dust? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I have no facts to back this up....but I believe that the forcefield that is created over the bathroom trash can that deflects the the way...the same forcefield is placed over the toilet bowl whenever a boy/man tries to hit the hole, it is put there by an evil alien (either child or man) from a planet named...Letspissheroff. I hate that place! MEL

Shiela said...

Huh? You mean bathrooms aren't supposed to look like that? Crud! Now I have to go and dust? And buy shampoo? AND pick up Q-Tips? What abt wiping the toothpaste spit out of the sink bowl? You know, the stuff that mom can see, but apprently not the person who spit it there?!

Ali said...

I think you forgot about that last sliver of soap - why can't that be thrown away when the new bar is - Good questions!

Sleeping Mommy said...

oh my god i just picked up fifteen q-tips today my husband never sees them.