Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Back Home Again

Hello readers! Sorry to be so lax in posting while on vacation. I really had all intentions of doing so but when push came to shove.... I was eating guacamole and drinking Corona with lime. There was internet access at the hotel but I just couldn't bring myself to do more than briefly check email. However, without further ado, I am now prepared to tell you all about our Texas vacation.

We decided to drive down to Boston the day we were leaving as opposed to the night before. We were going to leave the van at the airport and pay for long term parking. At the last minute we decided to try one of those Park&Fly lots just before Logan. It looked ok until they told us to park and leave the keys in the car while we were gone. huh? Well, there wasn't time to argue and time was ticking away so off we went. They dropped us at the Continental terminal, gave us a phone number to call upon return and we began our journey. I quickly took a half of a happy pill to help calm the anxiety I could feel bubbling and boiling just below the surface, probably due to the fact we just left our van with the keys in it with total strangers. .

Immediately, we were informed that the flight was overbooked and they were looking for volunteers to give up their seats, take a later flight and be compensated with $300 in vouchers per ticket. We got our name on that list as fast as we could, then settled back (with the other half of the pill) and hoped we'd be bumped from the flight. About 10 mins before take-off they told us it was a no-go and to get on the plane. The flight was great (probably because the pill had kicked in)....transferred in Houston to an express jet to Brownsville. We rented our car and headed for the island.

We stopped at Mom and Sandra's to visit for a few minutes and then checked into the motel. We decided to eat at Big-O's, which is a Mexican eatery next door to the motel. This is when I began my ultimate guacamole overload and Gary began his week long non-stop beef inhalation. Hannah immediately grabbed a tortilla chip and stuck it in the green hot chile sauce and then in her mouth. Not a pretty sight for our first meal of the vacation. She put the fire out with a glass of milk.

We decided to do the zoo the next day because it was going to be sunny. Sandra agreed to go with us but Mom declined. She has a hard time getting around these days and didn't feel up to it. Upon arrival at the zoo, we discovered that it was Kid's Day for the Brownsville pre-K thru 3rd grade. There were kids everywhere and speaking Spanish so it was confusing. The children were on tether ropes with handles to keep from losing them!

The zoo, although crowded, was beautiful. Everything was in bloom, lush and green. Made me almost weep with the beauty of it. It's a shock to the sytem to go from this to this. The animals were all out and active, except for this gorilla. He was mad for some reason and wouldn't turn around. The temp was in the high 70's with a light breeze, beautiful bluebird skies abound. Coming from the frozen tundra, this was just picture perfect for us.

Stay tuned for the next day....Mexico and the open market! Valley Park Greyhound Racing! More food than a human should eat!

Did I mention that I was on guacamole overload?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time, I am so READY for spring!!!!!!!! We are headed to St. Kitts the first week in May, I don't know if I can wait that long. I'm anxious to hear about the rest of your trip. Mel

Sue said...

I'm glad you are all home safe and sound and that you had a great vacation. I am looking forward to future postings and pictures! I am happy you didn't spend your time at the hotel on the internet, there are way too many more fun things to do! Hannahs picture on the plane is so cute!

Cindy said...

They walk the kids in daycare around here on those rope things. It's a very bizarre thing to see.

And, you should NOT be posting from your vacation. Leave all your worries back at home.

But, of course, now that you are back, you must start posting again. :)

Ali said...

What a great time sounds like!! I didn't know you were visiting family there. I like the pic of Hannah on the plane - cute. You are certainly getting fancy with your likes and such. ;o)

Ali said...

Uh that was "links and such". Teach me to preview....

Lauren said...

Welcome back, Sheri! I missed your blog!!!

Looking forward to reading all about the rest of your trip.

Donna said...

Well it does sound like a wonderful start of a vacation! The pics are great! Hope to hear more soon!