Thursday, March 03, 2005

Betting on the Pups

So, here we are in Texas enjoying the fabulous weather. We decided to take a day trip to Mexico to look around. Sandra will be accompanying us, which will make the trip fun! We were going to go to Matamoras but they had the International Bridge closed except for foot traffic due to the Charro Days parade, so we headed for Progresso. It took us awhile to find a parking spot on the street. There are these men in brown shirts that block the open spots until they see you wanting to pull in. For a couple bucks, they'll help you park (by stopping the crazy traffic while you do it) and watch your car. If you choose not to tip them....well let's just say some stray keys might find the way down the side of your paintjob or a wiper might mysteriously bend itself. It's certainly worth the couple bucks for peace of mind.

The open market area is so colorful and loud. There is Tejano music blaring all over. . . kind of reminded us of New Orleans (the sounds did). There are vendors everywhere that really push their wares and try to dicker the prices with you. I did notice that they always glanced at my hands and camera before stating the price. Maybe they were checking for jewelry?? I got an apron for $5...a pretty blue checked number with applique fruits & veggies on it. I also got a beautiful gray wool shawl for $18 but I gave her a twenty for it. Gary bought a money clip and a belt. Hannah spied an accordion that she just HAD to have. Yes, I did threatened to throw the damn thing out onto Highway 100 numerous times. Maybe she'll learn to play it and not just make screeching sounds for hours at a time?

Of course, a few minutes after we got there, I discovered that the super large coffee I drank was making itself known and I had to find a bathroom. There was a sign that said
WOMEN RESTROOM~BANOS .25cents . Oh thank heavens, I thought and asked Hannah if she had to go too. I practically sprinted for the place only to see a door hanging on one hinge with darkness beyond it. A woman asked "banos?" "Si" I replied and handed her a dollar, pointing to Hannah and I. She put 2 large wads of toilet paper in my hand, which I started at not comprehending and tried to hand me 2 quarters. I waved the quarters away and took Hannah's hand, peering cautiously behind that door. I saw lots of colors on the walls, 5 gallon buckets of water and a toilet with no seat at all and a piece of rotting plywood on top of the tank. Hannah announced "NO WAY MOM!" and I said, "Now Hannah, beggars can't be choosers and I have to go". So, I proceeded to do the squat (you women know what I'm talking about!) and was thankful that a resourceful Mexican woman knew that she'd make a fortune having the only bathroom around. Hannah went too with a little help on the squat stance from me.

We ate lunch at Garcia's which is was super! Of course, I had more guacamole and an assortment of enchilladas and burritos. Gary and Sandra both had cabrito (goat) and I tried a tiny bite of it. The texture was of roast pork but it reminded me of dark turkey meat. It's definately not something I would go out of my way to eat. Not when I have the picture of Mary's little lamb in my head.

All in all, it was a fun trip. It's an eye-opener to see how other people live and make their living. . There will be no OSHA checking this guy out.
I couldn't believe the little children peddling and selling things on a weekday. I mean young children 6 or 7 years old. Do they not go to school? What the heck kind of labor laws do they have....or do they have any? When I hear compalints from my neices or nephews about doing chores around the house....they just don't know how really good they have it.

Later we decided that we would go to Valley Park to bet on the greyhounds for awhile. Sandra had never been to the track and neither had Hannah. Sandra won on her 1st bet and so did Gary & I. Then we all proceeded to lose most everytime except for a couple dollars here and there. It was alot of fun and I had some fried ice cream. Please, you have not lived until you've had this. The band that was playing was awesome and Hannah be-bopped like a mini J. girl has the rhythm and moves!

In closing I would like to say that I hope this isn't boring you all to death. By writing it all out, it will help me remember everything we did and saw. Stay tuned....coming up next.....The Sombrero Festival, Juanita doing the laundry, The Flea Market and horseback riding!


Cindy said...

Thanks for the recap of your vacation. It's interesting to me because I have never been there. So it is cool to read other people's opinions of new and different areas.

That bathroom was interesting!!

Carolyn said...

Sheri, Even though I live right next door, I too, so enjoy your writings. Now, you know Mom, ever the critic! You can't be thinking of Mary and her little lamb when you are eating one of the Billy Goats Gruff! Save the thoughts of Mary for when we next have a delicious, leg of lamb with mint sauce! Love you, girl. Mom

LibrarianOnTheLoose said...

Sounds fun and interesting for the whole family, Sheri! Boo and I went to Mexico for our honeywmoon...near Cancun though. But I'll tell you because of stuff like your bano story, we are like, we had fun we had a nice time but we have no desire to go back.