Monday, February 14, 2005

Next week....Texas!

One week from tomorrow we will be on our way to South Padre Island, Texas. We are really looking forward to it and seeing Mom and Sandra. We are going to be staying at a different hotel this year but hopefully will do some of the same head to Mexico, eat some awesome food and enjoy the sun. Chloe is going to go to the TrimSpa while we are gone. That's what we call the kennel because she always trims down when she's there. It's not from lack of's from lack of snacks, table tidbits and catfood scored on the sly. Mom will take care of the fish and the cats. The cats will think they are in 7th heaven without the dog here. The poor things can't have food down all the time because the dog scarfs it down continually. So, while Chloe is slimming at the Spa, the cats will be porking up here at the house.


3outta5 said...

Can I come???? LOL It sounds so fun -- I hope you have a GREAT and RELAXING vacation, Sheri!!!

Sandi said...

Just move down here then you wont have to look forward to it so much. You can always have sun and sand. Have Gary call and tell me what day he wants to go fishing, so I can get all the details worked out.

Anonymous said...

Texas sounds great, My dad and his "Girl"friend were there over Christmas, He was less then thrilled but of course he seldom goes south of Shirley. Bre wants to go to Kentucky next summer...not sure why? Oh she got her license...OH NO! Have fun and don't get burned! Mel

Donna said...

Wow wish I could tag along - I need a vacation too! But don't you worry about the animals, I always do beforehand but once I am away, I don't. Oh I must be terrible. But have a wonderful time!!


Heather said...

Yeah! Vacation!! Spa!! How can you not have fun!?

P.S. I like the new look of your blog...looks familiar....;-)