Thursday, February 17, 2005

Her Royal I mean..Highness

Yes, we have a royal highness her in our house and it's Hannah. Now that she has watched the The Princess Diaries something like 400 times, she's believng she's a princess. However, we can just call her "your highness", or so she says. Do you know how hard it is to live with a princess? We are constantly being corrected.... "Mom" she'll say "a princess doesn't burp" or "a princess is never late, everyone else is early". She has acknowledged that if we agree she's a princess, that by right, I am the Queen. Oh yes, I am the Queen and I shall be treated as such. Tonight, mom was calling Hannah the Royal Hiney. Hannah got all upset because "the Royal Hiney is just a tiny queen" WAAAHHHHHHH. Oh wow, did I laugh at that one. The Royal Hiney is just a tiny queen.

I know I've changed the look of things again but I guess this really was my favorite after all. I thought the tan was boring but now that I look at picture is boring. That will soon be changing. Stay tuned.


Sandi said...

Well the green was nice, but I don't think anything is wrogn with the pic. Well, maybe one where you aren't straining to see the camera would be okay HA HA HA.
Just tell Hannah that when you come down that I am the evil wicked step aunt and I don't do whining. LOL
See you soon, Oh what time might we expect you?

Anonymous said...

That's a riot!!!! I WANT to be a princess...or a Queen...Would that mean that I wouldn't have to clean anymore toilets? Mel

Sue said...

Love it, love it, love it! I am tired of being the Queen to my princess, luckily for me she has just one more year in the royal palace and then she is going off to "rude-awakeningville." People who grew up with EJ tell me that she acts just like him, that he was a royal hiney too! Have a great time in Texas! I am jealous!