Sunday, February 13, 2005

New blogging buds from the TTC front

We interrupt this program for...

You'll probably notice some new reading in the Blogs I Love section. Please visit them and make them feel welcome. I love to read blogs and find what makes different people tick. Here's Lauren...I've cyber known her forever and she's so articulate (bet you can't find a spelling/grammar error with this gal!), smart and funny. Jules , Gretchen, and Yvette are three of my newest blogs I read although I've followed along on their journeys for awhile now. And then there is Jane , Ali and Donna...three woman who I admire tremendously for their strength and perseverance. Actually, all these ladies have some incredible stories to tell about their journey to motherhood and about their lives. A common bond brought us all together and the friendships formed keep us together.

Tonight I was going to write about something else but I wanted to take a couple minutes and welcome my friends to the wonderful world of blogging.

Now...back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Miracles & Dreams said...

Thanks for the Welcome Sheri.

Donna said...

Sheri - I think your blog looks great and thanks for including me in the Sista blogs - I want to do something like this with mine but I am completely a computer idiot when it comes to this!


Lauren said...

Dang, Sheri, now I'm going to have to spell check EVERYTHING! LOL
Thanks for the welcome!