Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Han's Best Friend

I just thought this picture of Chloe came out awesome. She's really a great dog. If she would stop eating used Kleenex out of the trash I'd be thrilled. I have allergies pretty bad and next to my bed I keep a box of Kleenex and a trashcan. Everyday Chloe will sneak upstairs and rip all the Kleenix to shreds and eat half of it. See those two silver tags she has on her collar? They jingle together when she moves so I usually can hear where she is. I think she has it figured out how to hold her chin down to trap them so they don't jingle as she goes up the stairs. Sneaky little thing.


Donna said...

What a pretty pup! They know how to do amazing things, don't they?


Ali said...

That is an awesome picture! What a pretty dog!

My cat uses his tag and collar to "announce" himself by shaking them. Arg.