Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Smooth Green Snake?

Yes, she chose a snake. Hannah did. She is doing a class project and could choose any Maine mammel or reptile that she wanted. I thought for sure she would choose the elusive Lynx, the hardworking Beaver or even the swift, gentle Whitetail deer. Or she could choose the chipmunk, opossum, fox or raccoon. So, why did she pick the yuckiest thing? a snake? We got some Sculptey and made a snake. She put yellow eyes on it and we baked it to a hardened perfection. Now we are going to work on a diorama to show the snake in its habitat.

More later


Ali said...

I agree - yuck. Snakes actually give my mom nightmares - on a TV show or live and in person.

At least it was relatively easy to model and the diorama should be a piece of cake! lol

Sue said...

When she brings home a boyfriend, it won't be the one you'd pick either. Just thought you'd like to know that. Hope you get an A+ on your project, Hannah! You rock, girl!

Cindy said...

I'd make her keep her project outside. Just to pass by something that looks like a snake would make me scream.

I HATE snakes.

Donna said...

Lordy this brings me back to the snake in the house incident! But you know kids have their own way of relating to nature! What can you do? Great little story!


Sandi said...

Her dad is the same way. It is Gary's fault I will not even look at a snake. Blame him!!!! HA HA HA
At least she didn't have to have a real one.

Jane said...

A snake??? That's definitely a yuck! But look at the bright side -- at leasy she isn't a girlie-girl! Doing that project together must have been fun, though!