Thursday, February 10, 2005

Grumpy Fish

Thought you might like a peak at Grumpy fish. He's my oldest fish in my tank and the most cantankerous. He has always refused to eat with the light on. He just sits behind the $1.99 plastic plant and looks..well....grumpy. I've tried tricking him by turning the light off and feeding the fish. He'll come out and get some and I'll quickly turn the light back on and he flies (swims) back to 'his' spot. I've even seen him nip another fish if they so much as saunter (swim) through his area. What a grouch. I keep telling him that he'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar but he doesn't listen to me.

We will be outside most of the day clearing, shoveling, moving the copious amounts of snow we got.


Anonymous said...

My daughter looked alot like that when she saw that Greenville was just about the only school in the state that was NOT cancelled....and of course....It was my fault, because I am the "ALL POWERFUL ONE" who controlls the forces of nature. Mel

Cindy said...

That is an awesome picture. I really want fish.

Jules said...

My husband had an 8-year-old plecostamus (that is spelled phonetically). Lucky was enormous. Lucky ate other fish in the tank, and when Brian tried to explain that to the fish guy at the store (he went looking for "fast fish" that could outswim Lucky) the guys did not believe that a pleco is carnivorous.

Well, Lucky was. I saw it myself. He'd pin a small fish up against the glass with his big sucker-lips and that was it.

Fish have amazing habits, huh. :)

Nice to see your blog!

O_Scientist said...

LOL @ your grumpy fish.
Great picture!

We have some gold fish and a beta, I enjoy watching them. But ours have a more cheerful character than yours do :-)