Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Jay!

Can you believe that Cindy's baby boy Jay is another year older? He's such a handsome and well mannered guy.......quite a rare thing with kids these days. Cindy and Jeff have done such a great job raising their kids into well rounded young adults. They should be very proud of themselves.

My friend, Melody and her husband Lloyd have done a fabulous job as well. I hear rave reports from my Greenville contacts about Bre and Dustin. Mel & Lloyd should be very proud of themselves too. I bet Donna is smiling down on them! Donna was Mel's of the truly great ladies I've known in my life. She was always so much fun and let me be ME, speak my mind and learn to laugh at myself. I can remember staying at Mel's house many, many times and just busting a gut laughing, playing cards and talking about serious things with her. I remember thinking....omg I can't believe we are sitting here talking about this. You know when someone asks that a famous ball player, name a great song, name someone who made a difference in your life? Well, she's always one of the people I name.

Hannah's back to school today after the long holiday break. It seemed strange to not have her around the house, underfoot today. I worked with Gary down at Dan's Crossing in Kittery today. If and when he ever gets that God forsaken job done it won't be a day too soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for those nice memories of my mother, she was a great women....also a bit flaky and some times a pain in my ass but I miss her, especially around the holidays. Glad to hear that your G'ville contacts have good things to say about my kids. They are as different as day and night but for the most part they are very good kids. Dustin is doing well at School, just got another scholarship, which made me very happy and is now working 15-20 hours per week. Bre struggles to keep her grades up and has never made the honor roll but is always very close. I know that my mother would be very proud of both of them. Thanks again. Melody