Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Not too much news....

Nothing to exciting to talk about tonight. Mostly I've been kind of quiet today....doing a lot of thinking. Sandra and Sue both started blogs and I'm really happy about that. I'm envious of anyone who can write things that others would want to read. Maybe someday I can.

Talked to my friend Steph online tonight. She sure sounds happy up in the cold state of Vermont. I miss her living close by...she was so much fun to be around. It's hard to believe her daughter is now 2. I started working with Steph just after Chris dropped the adoption bomb on us and Steph helped me through so much. I know many times she said she couldn't imagine how I felt about some things because she didn't have children at the time....but after she had Maya...she understood even more.

Hannah's front tooth is going to fall out soon. She was running around tonight trying to pull it out. For some reason this was like nails on a chalkboard to me. It's not quite ready and I know the theatrics she'll go into if she sees one, tiny, little, puny speck of blood short...I'M not ready for it to come out yet. Will post a picture of my toothless wonder as soon as it happens!


Sue said...

You do write things that others want to read! I check your blog everyday for new postings. I know what you mean about Hannah's tooth. I always got squeamish when my kids had loose teeth, and I always sent them next door to Joyce Bradford's. She had no problem yanking those suckers out! Send her over to Mom's for the "handkerchief treatment!" Oh and they get $5 now for a tooth! Inflation. Have a great day!

Sandi said...

Me I always favored the string and door knob method. Quick easy and not as traumatic. But I do agree with your friend Sue, you write things people want to read. All I do with my site is bitch, at least you give good information. Can't wait to see Hannah toothless, she can compare pics with her grandmother.