Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy 2005!

Sorry - don't have an exciting picture to post of myself and/or Gary dancing around with a lampshade on my/our head(s). These puppies were in bed AND asleep by 9:30pm. Gary was just plain tired and I was in a Nyquil induced drugged know where you are drooling on your pillow and DON'T EVEN CARE that you're laying in it? I feel so much better today....even human in fact.

Austin spent the night at Mom's so Shawn & Sarah could go to a party. I guess they had a great time. When they came to pick Austin up, they were just getting home....YEEHAH - can those cats stay up late! Anyway, Gary had gotten up this morning and taken Hannah & Austin to breakfast at IHOP so Mom delivered him home after.

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