Friday, January 28, 2005


Here's the finches on the feeder. Gosh - I love watching the birds. Others might think it's boring but birds , in the winter, are fascinating to watch. Their main objective is to eat and survive. I try to help them by feeding blackoil sunflower seeds for chickadees and titmouse, safflower for cardinals, cracked corn for doves, thistle for finches and suet for all of them, especially the woodpeckers and nuthatches. I do feed year round....just cut back a little in the summer and fall when bugs, berries and other natural foods are more plentiful. I love having a yard full of birds. As a plus, because I've always enjoyed doing it, Hannah has taken a liking to it as well. She's knows the names of all the birds.

Gary is having a great time. Eating 'gator tail (yuck!), frog legs and fishing. The weather is warm and the fish are biting. I''m carrying his pager while he's gone and the stupid thing keeps going off. It hardly EVER goes off when he's here

Yesterday, Mom and I spent the morning shoveling. The snow was very fluffy so it wasn't hard to move. Having a place to move it to was the hard part. The bankings are so high it's hard to throw snow over them without wearing half of it back on yourself. And forget about pushing the snow easily off the's way up over the deck floor. I shoveled paths to the birdfeeders but I told Mom that she'd still have to put her boots flip flops yet.

Carl is having a Superbowl get together next weekend for the game. I'll probably make Sue's mustard dip with pretzels and a shrimp platter. Now, if the half-time performers can keep their clothes should be a pretty uneventful game with the Patriots plucking Eagle feathers!


Carolyn said...

Great pictures! but I sure wish that little rodent would freeze and go to the big squirrel rodeo in the sky. He can't stay out of my feeder! Keeps tipping the seeds out on the ground. Oh well, I guess he didn't plan with his nuts in his burrow and has to eat to!

Sandi said...

Send the minute men home for the game, and bring on the nudity!! LOL