Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Off to Florida

Gary left for Florida today. I talked with him around 6am at Logan. They were getting ready to board. I'm glad he got to go and the flight didnt get cancelled due to snow. I can't believe we are getting more snow. he'll be home on Monday night.

Mom and I went to Mariano's this morning to drop her car off for an oil change, rotate tires and to find out why the fan blower only works on OFF and HIGH. Tomorrow I have to take Gary's work truck to Guay's for some maintenance and then Tuesday the Big D goes in the shop for a hose of some sort. Enough vehicle problems, dont you think?

I got a new digital camera. It's a Kodak DX7590 and I love it! I'm still trying to figure it out. It's got a lot more features than my old Kodak and it's also got 10x optical zoom. Awesome! I'm having a little difficulty finding batteries for it. I think I'm going to have to take a trip into Circuit City instead of relying on Wallyworld to have them (they don't).

Hannah stayed home from school yesterday with another cold. Jeez, that must make 6 colds since September plus a bout of strep throat. I've had 3 colds since school started as well. What is going on? Do kids never cover their mouth when they cough or wash the germs off their hands? Plus the other night she went upstairs, told me didn't feel well and within 3 seconds was barfing all over the bathroom floor. Gary said "I'll leave you to take care of this", Hannah said "there, now I feel better" and I said "Why me????"

Baking bread today and using my Pullman Pan for a nice square loaf. I know whole wheat bread would be a better choice but for some reason, I want a nice white loaf for toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. When Gary is gone we tend to have 'different' dinners than usual. Last night was plain spaghetti with butter and salt. He'd croak before he'd eat spaghetti with no sauce or meat. Hannah and I both love it. Other dinner fare when he's gone could include (but not limited to...) oatmeal or hotdogs in buns.


Sue said...

Your new camera looks awesome! I am so jealous of Gary headed off for the sunshine. I am sure that I have that seasonal disease. I get so discouraged this time of year. I hope Hannah feels better, Martha went to school yesterday for 1/2 a day, but felt terrible when she got home. She threw up 3 times the other night too! But she can make it to the toilet now. She went to school today. I guess Boston is supposed to get another foot of snow today, I think you will get some too. Still not much for us.

Cindy said...

My car had a blower problem several years ago. It ended up being the blower switch or something. Apparently the electrical part make the fan work work at the lower settings. So, you only have off and high when it doesn't work anymore.

It wasn't that much, maybe $40 for the part, but who knows what you'll have to pay!

I wish I could go to Florida. Today it is going to be in the 40s and it feels like a heatwave!!

Heather said...

LOVE the camera, I'm jealous!! My kids would love to come to dinner at your house. They will only eat pasta with salt and butter. Hubby too, I am the only sauce eater in the house. The toasted cheese and tomato soup sounds sooooooo good, and on homemade bread, again I am jealous. That's it, I'm coming to visit!!
Hope you daughter is feeling better. Gotta love winter. Little ones asthma has finally calmed down, even with the non stop snow. Oh,and I actually did buy some of that coricidin for HBP and it seems to help some. Thank you!!!

Sandi said...

I am so jelous!!! I would love to have a camera like that. I have been looking at one in the fingerhut catalog thinking I could make payments, for the rest of my life, HAHA HA
Sorry about the snow, it was 82 and sunny here today. But of course when you come down it will rain and be cool. LOL Just your luck, right? LOL
Hope you enjoy your alone time.

Sandi said...

Finances the way they are right now, we can only look at renting. Give me a year or two and then I will be looking at buying. There are a lot of builders down here that will do a rent to own thing with people, so it should not be to big a problem.
GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random and Odd said...

Beautiful camera!
I got my heart set on a Digital Rebel.
My boyfriend says I have DES (Digital Envy Syndrome)

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