Saturday, January 29, 2005

Mops n' Meat

I wanted to post this picture for you all to see. It was taken in Matamoras, Mexico last year. I was reading on Charlie's blog about the cruise they took to Cozumel and being flabbergasted at the number of fellow passengers who ate at BK while there. Actually, I think they were pretty shocked that there were even fast food places there. Check out Charlie's blog. He's new to the Blogsphere and very funny. This reminded me of when we went to Mexico last year and Gary didn't want to eat at the typical tourist spots....he wanted to get something from the locals. This is where he wanted to eat. I'm sorry...I had to put my foot down and say no. I couldn't let Hannah eat here. We probably all would have been in the emergency room with some sickness the likes of Texas has never seen.

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Sandi said...

Just some good ol goat meat, yum. What you get from eating this kind of meat is lovingly refered to as the Tourist Hangover. Your head hangs over the toilet. LOL