Thursday, May 27, 2004

The sun is supposed to come out!

Weather: clearing and cool 60's

Wow - it's been so many days since the sun came out! Since last Thursday at least. I volunteer at Hannah's class today. I wonder what fun thing they will be doing?

Gary leaves for Canada with Carl today. They are going on a bear hunt/fishing trip and will be back on Monday sometime.

Hannah and I are planning her birthday party. The only thing we kno for sure is who she wants to invite. She keeps changing her mind about everything else. First, make a bear, then a clown, games, have a magician etc... Whew!! It's too much! I guess we'll have to narrow it down to one party thing.

We are looking forward to Sue's visit in June. I'm hoping I will get to spend more tine with her. Usually, we are at the cottage next door with company of our own but this year we are going a week later.

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