Monday, May 31, 2004

Memorial Weekend

Weather: couldn't be nicer! High 60's, bluebird skies and breezy = NO BUGS!

What a great weekend! We got so much accomplished around the yard. Hannah was very good as well. She played with dirt and water and Chloe most of the days and outside too! Mom and I worked on the hammock area and the vegetable garden areas. I moved alot of mulch to those two places. They are starting to look really nice. I put some new photos on the site to show the areas.

Gary was supposed to come home today but he told me that if he didn't call me....he'd be home tomorrow. Well, it's 3:45 so I'm assuming I'll see him tomorrow. Hannah and I miss him alot when he's gone like this. The place seems so quiet and calm!

We went to the cottage for a picnic yesterday. Hannah and I went for a walk to put our feet in. I'm not kidding - it hurt. The water was so cold it made my feet ache. We found some shells to paint at home.

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