Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brotherly Love

My brother moved into our extra space in our home for a short while. He is needing to get his life back on track. He has hit rock bottom concerning his health, wealth, and pride. Things in his life are at an ultimatum right die. It's that simple. It's not a shade of gray but a stark black & white. Either, or, neither, nor....there's no exception. He spent a week in the hospital, clinging to life the first couple days and starting to heal the rest. I will do all I can to help him. He's my brother. I love him and hope he stays strong. So far, he has. It's like watching a person come alive again, though. A shell of a man moved in here....broken, sad, alone. Almost 2 weeks later, he continues to get stronger, a smile crosses his face a few times a day and a sparkle can be seen in his eye once in a while. He will never be in the health he once was.....his liver is barely able to support his existence. I say a prayer that he finds peace within himself and finds his worth. Life is good and he can be part of it again. Some of the people he called friends before are not true friends. They were enablers and didn't care about him. He could have died for all they care. I will not enable him and I do care. This is tough love to live.

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Philipius said...

Wow I'm shocked to see how do u love your brother. It must be a deep bond ;)

I have a sister but our relations aren't so good. Just life...
Hope to see you at my blog

Greet ;)