Monday, January 17, 2011

Giani Kitchen Project

I haven't posted in FOREVER but I started a new project in my kitchen today and wanted to makes sure I blogged about it. I like to do things like this so I can look back and say "oh yeah, that's when we did that!".

Before I get to the project, I do want to say that everything is going fine. Gary's health is good. He's all healed up from his surgery last February and feels wonderful. I still want to write about his surgery and have tons of pictures to post about that. It was the most amazing thing and his took a lot of patience to handle. Wore my ass out! We are homeschooling Hannah this year (7th grade) and that is going well too. We bought a house in Tennessee last December,after we sold our company. We are trying to sell our house here in Maine so we can move down there permanently. The housing market in our area tanked last year as it did it most parts of the country. Thank heavens, we don't have a mortgage on our new house and Gary has work here for now. Jeez, maybe I do have some stuff I could write about!

We have been wanting to change our counter tops for quite a while now and have been pricing out different options. The prices we were coming up with were giving us (more!) gray hair....upwards of $1500 just to do the counter tops. I've been checking this Giani product have been liking what I see and read. Of course they don't sell it anywhere in Maine yet, so Gary and I scooted over the border to NH and picked some up. We purchased both the Sicilian Sand and Chocolate Brown kits.

Today, I started the primer coat and here are the before and after pictures of that. Please note that I am only doing half of the counter tops at a time so we can still use our kitchen during the dry and curing times. Its a couple days before you can place anything on the counter after it's complete and two weeks for the top coats to fully cure.

Island before:

Island after black prime coat:
Applying the paints to the island:
Island completed: Part 2 of the kitchen tapes off and primed:Applying the mineral paints to part2 of the kitchen:Finally! Completed! It looks wonderful.


Jered said...

First of all, glad to have you back posting again. Glad all is well with the family.

This project sounds exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing progress photos. It will be interesting to see how this technique works - it seems so much more reasonable than the typical countertop replacement options.

Good luck!

Custom Knit Treasures said...

beautiful! Im jelous:)

Timestep said...

Somehow I missed that you posted finished pictures. It looks fabulous. You must be so proud.

sherhastingsdesigns said...

I just happened by your blog and I love what you've done with your counter top! I sure wish I would have seen this or looked into it like you did before we spent what we did on ours last fall. Your countertops look like real granite. Just beautiful!

It was nice to see your story about Gary. My husband had open heart surgery about twenty years ago when he was in his early 30's. So 20+ years later he's still working out and following his diet and is the healthiest he's been in years! Thank God they can do what they do today for people!

Wishing you many years of happiness and good health ahead!