Friday, February 06, 2009

Man vs. Woman

Yesterday, I was in my office with Gary and our employee, John , when another alarm company owner from town came to pick up some parts. The three of them were sitting around shooting the breeze talking and I was at my desk working and listening in on their conversation.

First, I have to say I had no idea that men and women can be so different. Take the way they greet each other for example. If I see one of my friends or acquaintances, we usually greet each other with a "hello" or "How are you doing?" I chuckled when I heard a hearty "What's up dickhead?"

They sat down and talked about the weather, the election and the economy (oh boy - I can't even repeat some of the stuff said in regards to those). I continued to type away at my desk but was still intently listening to what they were saying. I learned that no matter how much schooling and experience the meteorologists on our local news channels have, they are still barely one step above a full blown moron. I also learned that Nancy Pelosi couldn't think her way out of a wet paper bag.

There was a lull in the conversation and Gary looked over at one the other guys and said, "So, how's that Weight Watchers gig going? It doesn't look like it's working too well." Internet, I shit you not! These words actually came out of his mouth to another human being.

I must have looked like a fish gasping for air because my mind just couldn't wrap around that fact that he just said that to someone. "Gary!" I screamed "I can not believe you just said that!!" Gary replied back to me, "Well, look at him, Sheri! Obviously, it's not working!"

The person he said it to started laughing, patting his belly and agreed it wasn't working too well. I think his words were "Yup, I'm still a fat fucker!"

Honestly, I would've been in a heap on the floor, bawling from the insensitivity of it all.


Anonymous said...

No wonder guys never need therapy. Could you imagine if some woman said that to another woman? There could be some serious hair pulling going on....

this is Sue, by the way.... I can't remember my blogger password

Mike Todd said...

Funny post! My buddies prefer "What's up, Asshole?", but I think I might switch over to dickhead after reading this. Has a nice ring to it.

Martha said...

Uncle Gary doesn't hold anything back huh?

lime said...

i am seeing it with my son already. i get annoyed when my husband greets him with "hi , loser!" just seems kind of awful.

ccw said...

Wow! There's something a woman would never say to another woman. They might ask how they like WW but they most certainly wouldn't interject that last part (at least to their face)

This whole conversation is hysterical.