Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heavy Snow

I always feel like I need to post more.... especially since I fall down the list over at Mike Todd's. It's embarrassing to be listed as the blog who was last updated 6 friggin' days ago. ouch!

Not much going on here at Deerledge. Just shoveling snow and more snow. When we finish with that, it's time to shovel again.

I have no idea where all this snow is coming from, especially since we are experiencing global warming. I mean seriously. An ice sheet falling in the Antarctic almost compares to what is on my roof right now. My plowing guy was here today with a tractor moving snow with the bucket so he would have room to plow more snow tomorrow.

Here's a happy bedtime story from our local news channel. Thanks guys.


Mike Todd said...

That's right -- I expect my blogrollees to produce. More posts, MORE POSTS! Ha. Don't worry, my buddy Johnny posts just about annually, so he'll keep you off the bottom of the list. Enjoy the snow!

lime said...

i dunno about you but i am becoming weary of winter.

JMB said...

And you ask why we left?!! I never signed up for Alaska