Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bunny With A Pancake

It's one of those days....again. 9 million things to do and not an ounce of desire to do them. Thus, I blog instead.

I've been listening to Christmas music in my office all day, everyday, for the past couple weeks and I've finally come to the conclusion that Dominic, the Christmas Donkey is the most addicting, annoying song ever (click the link to the song and listen for yourself...but you've been warned!). Once I hear it, my brain starts repeating it over and over in my head, complete with braying donkey noises for the rest of the day until I have driven myself insane. At that point, I look at the following picture and it makes perfect sense to me:


lime said...

thus far i have successfully avoided hearing dominic the christmas donkey. i have no intention of ruining that by clicking the link.

Lauren said...

Okay... the mere mention of the song sent my mind whirling and the hee-haw sounds escaped my lips before I scarce had a chance to reel it in. Thanks, Sheri! I hope the song runs through your head for the entirety of 2009! LOL

JMB said...

Hummm- I've tried to play your link-- but my school has it blocked-- I believe the reason is bad childhood memories for our IT guy.